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Q: What kind of Bitcoin currency are you using?

A:We are using Bitcoin (
BTC). You must register with a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet,
and pay your upgrade in
 Bitcoin (BTC) as well.

Q: How do I get started with Bitcoin (BTC)?

A:First of all you need a wallet.
You can go to https://exodus.io and get a free wallet there.
Their wallet handles Bitcoin, 
Click on receive and it will give you a wallet adress.


Q: How do I upgrade?

A: Click  button where it says : Pay with Bitcoin by NowPayments
Follow instructions. Pay exact BTC amount to walletadress given.

Q : How long time from I pay until I am upgraded?

A : Normally around 30 min.

Q : I have a signup, do I need to approve him?
A : No, the system is fully automated, just relax and if he has paid the system will upgrade him.

Q : How do I get paid?
A : You get paid instantly by the system whenever someone upgrades below you,
unlimited wide and 8 levels deep.

Q : I want to upgrade my wallet adress but does not find it under profile.
A : For security reasons you must contact admin@instantbitcoinprofits.com to do changes to wallet

Q: What is the product I am getting?

A: The product is 5000 Advertising credits and lifelong access to our community and training